The challenge: 

The client provides editing and publishing assistance for its customers.  Once a customer is ready to begin writing a specific topic for a report, a minimum amount of information is provided to the client and a workflow would be engaged.  The process would involve various email threads including different business units.  Because the process flowed via email, there was no visibility for other customers to search and locate topics already being written on.  Further, the process for reporting on the status of current reports was time-consuming. 
The client requested a web solution powered by a custom workflow that catered to their unique business needs but would allow customization of the workflow activities, while providing visibility to the rest of the organization.


Our solution: 

We developed a web-based solution powered by Angular that though is server-agnostic, would leverage the client's existing SharePoint infrastructure.  The client's changing business needs would require an Agile and prototype-driven software development approach to provide a fast track toward elicitation of requirements, design, implementation, testing and ultimately delivery of a working solution.  Using Angular with TypeScript and a feature-rich development environment consisting of Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Code along with various plugins, allowed the project to be developed in a modern, developer-friendly environment.  A high level of code quality was ensured through frequent code reviews, unit test coverage and end-to-end tests within a seamless and cohesive development experience.