The challenge: 

The client is an expert in a specific advanced search engine software that utilizes a complex query language.  As a service to its customers, our client provides query-generation and validation services.  Each query request would take hours to complete given the client's limited workforce and the growing backlog. 
queryThe client requested a web solution that could provide faster response times to its customers.


Our solution: 

We used a lightweight process consisting of a functional prototype and a rapid-feedback loop for communication and validation of operational business needs.  The web application would ultimately use HTML, CSS and JavaScript and would be hosted in the client's existing infrastructure, a SharePoint intranet site.  Delivery of the solution allowed the client to significantly drive down the backlog of requests; to bring down the amount of time and effort required to generate and respond to complex query requests from hours to seconds; and ultimately to allow the client better utilization of its resources by making the web solution available to its customers for self-help.