MVS Web Application Frameworks


HDS has successfully built and deployed a myriad of web applications using different MVC web app frameworks like .NET, Symfony, CakePHP, Django, Zend, Struts, Spring and Ruby on Rails. We have extensively used one or more JavaScript and AJAX toolkits like ExtJS, Scriptaculous, Prototype, Dojo, JQuery, YUI and MooTools to bring richness and responsiveness to the UI. Most of these webapps are powered by SQL databases, but on some specific developments we have used databases like MYSQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL. We have also used non-relational databases like Google’s BigTable for one of our app engine projects and Lucene in a few others where there is a lot of unstructured and text data. These webapps are hosted in a variety of environments - shared, dedicated, virtual dedicated and of late mostly up there in the cloud (Amazon EC2, C2S, Azure and Google).