About Us

Hybrid Data Security (HDS) is a strategic business delivering IT and solid solutions to our Government customers. We partner with top tier industry and software companies to provide our customers with leading edge information technology solutions.

As a public sector focused consultants, HDS offers a strong portfolio that includes Government-wide contracts such as ITSSS and SOAPS as well as multiple agency-specific IDIQs and BPAs. Our disciplined approach to management of solution delivery and ancillary services provides access to the latest technology in an environment that supports rapid implementation, clear productivity gains, with short ROIs.



Government clients require a partner who can think and act with precision. HDS consultants work with our clients as trusted advisors, to help them determine the best strategy for their digital needs. We deliver the resources, solutions, and experience at the most critical moments of change. 

Our Areas of Expertise

Program and Project Management 
Business Process Reengineering 
Federal Procurement and Acquisition Management 
Financial and Budget Management 
Contract Management 
Document Management and Retention 
Administrative Support 
Quality Assurance